What’s The Difference Between BBCOR And USSSA Bats?

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For ballplayers, it is necessary to learn about bat types and certifications. Let’s check out this post to identify the two common ones: BBCOR Vs USSSA.


Baseball is increasingly becoming a popular sport recently. It is even a lecture on the PE course in some high schools and colleges. However, like other sports, baseball also has its own rules that any player must follow, including choosing bat rules.

Typically, when bat shopping, players often put more focus on colors or models. However, experienced players will know what they should look at. It’s the price tag of the bat as it shows several certifications. Different age groups and leagues have distinctive requirements for these certifications. 

Among bat certifications, BBCOR vs USSSA is the most common one. Some people may have difficulty in telling them apart. Hence, this article is here to show their differences. Follow the difference between bbcor and usssa!

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What’s The Difference Between BBCOR Vs USSSA Bat

BBCOR Overview

Baseball players once hear the word “BBCOR”, but they may not understand what exactly it means. How does it influence the performance of the baseball bats? The detailed answer is right below!

What Is BBCOR? 

To begin with, you may wonder about the meaning of the word “BBCOR”. In short, it is the abbreviation of Bat-Ball Coefficient of Restitution. 

It introduces the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS).

What is its main function? It is considered a measurement of consumed energy amount when the baseball bat contacts directly with the ball. For instance, when the players create a shot with a low BBCOR value, the ball leaves the bat slower than normal.

what is a bbcor bat
what is a bbcor bat

What Is A BBCOR Bat? 

What Is A BBCOR Bat? Since this certification appeared, all bats must meet all its requirements to participate in leagues that follow NCAA and NFHS rules. 

Besides, some other organizations can also require players to use BBCOR bats. 

For example, BBCOR bats are compulsory in Youth baseball organizations such as Little League, PONY, USSSA, Dixie, and Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken. This rule is the standard for players in high school and college. 

Because of age rage criteria, the trampoline effect when the bat comes into contact with the ball is lessened significantly in the BBCOR bat design. When compared to composite or traditional aluminum bats, BBCOR bats have less force. 

In other words, the barrel comes with a certain versatility. When the flexibility is great, more force to hit the ball is generated. To put it simply, if you want the ball to travel faster, you need to create a more powerful hit.  

What Are The Requirements For BBCOR Bats? 

BBCOR bats must follow all these qualifications if they want to be in leagues for high school or college players:

  • The bat diameter must be under the barrel measurement of 2 ⅝ inches.
  • The drop weight can’t exceed -3.
  • The bat length can’t be over 36 inches. 
  • The bat also has a Bat Performance Factor (BPF) of 0.5.

What Are The Reasons To Purchase A BBCOR Bat? 

For those who wonder whether they should buy a BBCOR bat or not, below is the answer.

If you plan to get a high school or college player, BBCOR must be a great choice. The essence of this bat is specially designed for this division with a length-to-weight ratio of drop 3 ounces. 

What’s more, the youth baseball leagues stipulate that this kind of bat is mandatory in play for players aged from 12 to 14 years. For players aged 15 to 18, non-wood BBCOR bats are obligatory. The length of these bats mustn’t exceed 36 inches. 

To sum up, BBCOr bats are ideal for junior students preparing for high school baseball play. 

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USSSA Overview

What does “USSSA” mean in baseball? If it is a USSSA bat, which qualifications must it meet? Scroll down if you are confused!

usssa vs bbcor
usssa vs bbcor

What Is USSSA? 

USSSA stands for the United States Specialty Sports Association. For those who want to learn more, this is a nonprofit organization related to governing youth baseball and several youth sports, such as basketball, soccer, and martial arts.

What is its purpose? It mainly focuses on promoting higher quality and allows teams to compete fairly to enhance the involvement among younger players. 

It takes the most responsibility for various travel baseball matches. It comes with four divisions, including Major Division, AAA Division, AA Division, and A Division. 

Whatever classification, participants and organizers must follow all the USSSA rules, including qualifications for bats. 

What Is A USSSA Bat? 

A USSSA bat refers to bats that are approved and made by a manufacturer certified by USSSA. The requirements for these bats are different from those of the USA bats. For this reason, if a baseball player wants to take part in a tournament, he must use a USSSA bat. 

What Are The Qualifications For A USSSA Bat? 

Since 2005, standards for USSSA bats have been maintained despite changes in the USA bat enactment. That’s why all players must strictly follow these qualifications for USSSA bats: 

  • The diameter can’t be more than 2 ¾ inches.
  • The drop weight can’t be over either -5 or -8.
  • The bat length is at least 29 inches.
  • The bat must be made of wood.
  • All must be produced by certified USSSA bat makers.
  • The Bat Performance Factor (BPF) is 1.15.
difference between bbcor and usssa
Difference between bbcor and usssa

What Are The Reasons To Purchase A USSSA Bat? 

If a player is about to participate in a USSSA baseball match, owning a USSSA bat is obligatory, so you must purchase one. Moreover, you can use it in other tournaments as long as they take place in the USA.

As mentioned earlier, the BPF of this type of bat is 1.15, which is eligible for any travel baseball bat. When compared to BBCOR bats, these are more flexible because some tournaments don’t accept BBCOR ones. 

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USSSA Vs BBCOR: Which Is Better? 

This frequently asked question is always a debate about selecting the better bat between BBCOR and USSSA ones. The following analysis may help you find out the best suited for you. 

The essence of the BBCOR bat is composite and metal, so it should be more lightweight and long-lasting than the USSSA one, whose material is wood. 

Furthermore, the USSSA bat may be outstanding with a BPF of -5 because it provides a bigger barrel to create a further hit and a better performance. However, junior students don’t feel relaxed with this drop in weight. Instead, -3 BPF in BBCOR bats may be what they look for.

At first glance, you might think BBCOR is better than USSSA, but the truth proves otherwise. BBCOR has quite a few restrictions and is only for minor players. 

Meanwhile, the USSSA is very flexible, can be used for major professional tournaments. Moreover, its standards are not affected by other factors.

Overall, USSSA bats are more beneficial for players. 

what's the difference between bbcor and usssa bats
what’s the difference between bbcor and usssa bats

In A Nutshell 

That’s all about the important information you should know about BBCOR vs USSSA bat if you want to take up baseball. Each type has unique standards that all players must follow strictly. 

Generally, USSSA ones are more advantageous and powerful than their counterparts. BBCOR one would be a perfect option when you purchase it for a teenager. 

Thank you for reading our article and we will see you soon in the next one!

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