What Are The Top 7 Best Wood Bats In 2022?

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In this post, we’ll provide you with a rundown of the best wood bats available in 2021. You’ll find a range of models to help you reach your full potential.

It can be difficult to find the appropriate wood bat for baseball, as each type has a plethora of detailed variations. There are ash, maple, and birch wood kinds on the market and various turn designs, each having a distinct profile to fit a different player approach. When looking for a wood bat, all of these aspects contribute to an anxiety overload. 

Don’t worry if you do not know which to choose, there is some good news! It does not seem to be too complicated. Let us show you our top recommendations for the best wood baseball bats in 2021 in this article! What is the best wood bat brand?

Comparison Chart Of Top 7 Best Wood Bats 2021

Product NameBrandMaterialSizeProduct Dimensions
Marucci AP5 Pro Model MarucciMaple Wood31″31 x 3 x 3 inches; 1.5 Pounds
Marucci CU26 Youth Model MarucciMaple Wood26″26 x 3 x 3 inches; 1.31 Pounds
Mizuno 340462 Bamboo Elite Classic MZE 271MizunoBamboo31″30.98 x 2.52 x 2.52 inches; 1 Pound
Mizuno Maple Elite MZM 271MizunoMaple Wood30″31.52 x 3.67 x 2.07 inches; 1.69 Pounds
Louisville Slugger 2020 MLB PrimeLouisville SluggerMaple Wood31″35 x 3 x 3 inches; 2 Pounds
Rawlings Velo 110RBVRawlingsBlend33″‎2.54 x 2.54 x 2.54 cm; 2 Pounds

Top 7 Best wood baseball bats In 2021 – Detailed Review

1. Marucci JB19 Pro Maple Wood Bat

Marucci has produced a high-quality maple bat. The baseball bat has a flawless appearance on the handle and a diameter of 15 or 16 inches. The cupped end favors the distribution of weight throughout the bat. The Marucci JB19 is crafted of high-quality wood. It has a two-and-a-half-inch barrel diameter. This enables you to hit a ball over a larger area.

2. Marucci AP5 Pro Maple Bat

Albert Pujols’ specs inspired the Marucci AP5 Pro. Unlike the JB19, the AP5 is specifically developed for power hitters. It’s composed of maple, has a huge barrel, and is end-loaded, giving it an appearance that’ll amaze passers-by while you smash.

The tapering knob and cupped barrel both aid handling, and the big sweet area generates a lot of pressure even on miss-hit shots. You’ll also get the bone-rubbed treatment, then you’ll know you’ve got the most out of your bat.

3. ​​Marucci CU26 Youth Maple Baseball Bat

The Marucci CU26 is a fantastic bat and features diameters ranging from 26 to 31 inches.

It’s effortless to swing because of the perfectly balanced shape, which also helps young athletes optimize their swing speed.

Besides, the product is bone scraped, like with all Marucci hardwood bats, to provide strength to the barrel. It becomes more robust as a result.

Based on our opinion, Marucci offers some of the best resilient wood bats on the market!

The grip of this bat is crafted with maple and also has a slender style, making it straightforward for children of all ages to handle!

4. Mizuno 340462 Bamboo MZE 271 Bat

Young players can improve baseball skills with the Mizuno Bamboo Elite Classic MZE 271 Baseball Bat. The Mizuno Bamboo Elite was created for professional excellence at baseball’s elite performance level. 

This patent-pending model incorporates glass fiber and bamboo in the grip and taper of the bat, as well as the bamboo barrel, for increased durability. A polished grip improves handling, and a pro-cupped tip allows for more accurate weighing and speedier swing velocities.

5. Mizuno Maple Bat – MZM 271

Mizuno is known for producing high-quality wood bats, and there have been numerous reasons for the MZM 271 to ensure complete matches.

This product is made of rock-hard maple that has been hand-picked for its high quality. New barrel shapes with a larger perfect spot for improved performance. To maintain the swing weight constant, a super light premium material was employed. 

Moreover, its coating is of professional quality. For a lighter swing weight, the end is cupped. Convenience and sturdiness are provided by Mizuno’s proprietary supra-helix handle as well. 

6. Louisville Slugger 2020 MLB Bat 

Louisville Slugger has been a huge name in the baseball industry for almost as long as the sport has existed. They are definitely the greatest, and their new technologies are constantly being improved to match the demands of their customers. The Assault is no exception. 

This item is a one-piece BBCOR approved bat featuring “flex band technology” inside the barrel, which allows for thinner walls and a decreased swing weight. A lighter swing weight results in improved bat speed, which helps the player generate more power. 

This bat is also utilized by some of the best collegiate teams in the nation, providing legitimacy to its efficiency.

7. Rawlings Velo Birch Bat 110RBV

The Rawlings Velo is a 110 profile bat that is ideal for transitioning from hardwood bats. It’s among the greatest wood bats for 13-year-olds because it’s made to ease the transition. Nevertheless, its -3 weight and structure are almost exact replicas of the metal bats that athletes use in their high school baseball games.

Contact batters will appreciate the style of this stick. This bat may boost your home run distance or enhance your exit velocities. Be mindful that the birch wood and balanced swing weight are not meant for strength, it is a gentler wood that may be processed in a variety of ways.

Buying Guides

How To Size Your Wood Baseball Or Softball Bat?

While there are a variety of methods for selecting the most appropriate baseball bat size, the most effective one is to select a length that you feel completely comfortable swinging. 

best wood bats

Always going up an inch at a time is a common rule to follow. This allows you to acclimate to your new bat without having to substantially alter your swing. Take note of the instructions below to know how to effectively size oneself if you’re a newbie to this sport:

Step 1: Measure from the middle of your chest to the ends of your index fingers, keeping your arm straight out to the side.

After you’ve calculated all of the figures and consulted the bat length chart above to establish the proper bat size to use, there are a few more methods to identify if it’s the correct size:

Step 2: Place the bat against your side, and if your palm touches the grip, you’ve got the appropriate size bat.

Step 3: Place the bat’s knob in the middle of your chest, with the item pointing outward; once you can reach out and hold the barrel of the bat with your arm, it’s the appropriate size.

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What Wood Makes The Best Wood Bats For Youth?


Maple is a solid wood that brings a heavy handle to a baseball bat. Durability and endurance are directly proportional to density. The denser the wood used to construct a bat, the more sturdy it will be and the more burst it will have, which is ideal for game-changing home runs. 


Most conventional wood bats were constructed of ash before maple ones became prominent. Many players feel that because ash is more flexible than maple, they may “whip” the barrel across the striking zone, increasing bat velocity. With its versatile touch, ash is the lightest sort of wood bat and provides an outstanding balance of strength and flexibility.


The tough texture of maple bats is combined with a lighter, more flexible feel akin to ash bats in birch bats. Because birch is a softer wood, it has more flexibility, allowing a batter to develop more whip and build more bat speed. Many birch bats, though, will require a “break-in” time because of their softness. This will allow the item to stiffen as a result of repeated pressure from striking the baseball.

wood vs aluminum bats: Bat Affordability 

Why Choose Wood?

Greater Balance

The stability of a well-made wood baseball bat is superior to that of any metal bat. Balance allows you to swing more steadily and controllably, driving the bat through the ball.

Additional Natural Strength

Metal bats lack the particular composition of wood ones, as well as the combination of pop and solidity. A decent strike with a wood bat will travel farther and come off the bat quicker than a similar hit with a metal one.

Build Muscles

Because wood bats are a touch heavier than metal baseball bats, you’ll strengthen your swinging muscles, providing you with far more force.

Additional Comments

By offering extensive input with hits, wooden bats drive batsmen to improve their skills and approaches to the ball. You’ll feel it and not go through with it again if you hit the ball outside of the sweet spot with a hardwood bat. You’ll know when you’ve found the sweet spot because you’ll feel it and like it.

Self-control In Pitching

If you swing at a terrible pitch, you could end up with hurting hands or a shattered bat. You’ll be able to manipulate the strike zone effectively and choose greater pitches to crush if you get to know your bat’s barrel.

An Increase In Barrel Conscience

It’s crucial to understand the sweet spot if you want to make an excellent play and get the most out of your at-bat. Even metal bats have an ideal hitting region, but they don’t provide as much advice to help you figure out where it is. When you smash a wood bat, you learn where the best area is, which you can use to swing a metal one. This isn’t a one-way street!

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What Materials Are Used To Make Wood Bats?

Wooden baseball bats are available in a variety of materials. Each substance has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Besides Maple, Ash, and Birch, which are the three most popular kinds of wood, there are still several different materials:


  • Hickory wood is the heaviest and most difficult of all the wood varieties.
  • When the ball makes a connection with the bat, a bat constructed of Hickory will have almost no bend and will not give a “feel.”
  • Hickory was perhaps the most preferred wood in Major League Baseball’s early years, but it has since faded away in favor of Maple, Ash, and now Birch.


  • Bamboo differs from other materials in several ways. In reality, it isn’t even wood. Bamboo is grass, not a tree.
  • Bamboo baseball bats are made by flattening bamboo strips into lengthy, rectangular billets and then rotating them till they take on the body of the round baseball bat.
  • Bamboo is a robust and durable material, however, it is not permitted for MLB usage and must display a BBCOR certification mark for structured play at the lower levels.
  • Bamboo is occasionally combined with other wood elements to make a bat that is both lightweight and robust. 

Composite Wood

  • Composite wood bats are the most resilient “wood” ones currently available.
  • Wood bats that are covered in a composite shell joined to a composite grip, or are merely a mixture of two or more wood species are known as composite wood bats.
  • For wood bat teams or other organizations that require BBCOR approved bats, composite wood bats are a wonderful option.
  • Bamboo and composite wood bats are not permitted in Major League Baseball.

Final Thoughts 

Every baseball player uses wooden bats in his or her normal development and progression. It’s something you should practice, particularly when training to get the feel for this sport. 

When picking the one among the best wood bats for you, always keep in mind the type of wood that was used to create your ultimate wooden bat. Researching and comprehending the materials utilized in the manufacture of these items, as well as comparing them to comparable materials like aluminum, can help you predict what to anticipate from each bat. 

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