Marucci CAT8 Reviews – Is It A Good Bat To Invest In?

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One of the hottest bat lines these years is Marucci CAT 8 – is it as good as the brand claims? Here comes one of the detailed Marucci CAT 8 reviews. Click on!

You are considering purchasing a bat for your upcoming baseball league, and many players recommend Marucci CAT 8. Still, does this baseball bat come with great-quality features? Is it suitable to use in your leagues?

Here comes one of the detailed Marucci CAT 8 reviews you can find! Scroll down!

marucci cat 8 reviews

Marucci CAT 8 Reviews

“New technology improvements, that will bring the player the best experience while offering the most reasonable price.”

Product highlights:

  • Consistency and craftsmanship
  • Commitment to quality and understanding of players’
  • Designed with the player in mind
  • Professional quality materials
  • One-Piece, All-Alloy Baseball Bat Creates A Traditional Feel

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Marucci CAT 8 Reviews

Before getting into the details of this Marucci CAT 8 BBCOR review, let’s discover brief information about the company behind this batting line – Marucci.

Marucci is an American sports equipment manufacturing corporation based in Baton Rouge. Since its foundation in 2004, it has built a solid reputation for quality baseball equipment, specifically producing bats, gloves, batting gloves, balls, chest protectors, and batting helmets.

Its Player Advisory Board has been led by multiple big leaguers, such as Albert Pujols, Chase Utley,  Jose Bautista, Andrew McCutchen, David Ortiz, Francisco Lindor, Anthony Rizzo, and Buster Posey.

Features Of The 2019 Marucci CAT 8 BBCOR

Now, it is time to glimpse some outstanding features of the Marucci CAT 8 baseball bat reviews.

Aluminum Alloy Construction 

The first feature to love about this product is the AZ105 aluminum alloy lying at the heart of the baseball bat.

Marucci advertises that AZ105 is one of the toughest aluminum for the bat lines. As such, Marucci CAT 8 offers a higher response rate and better durability. Also, the strength of AZ105 allows it to thin the barrel walls down, reducing the risk of being hurt by the violent sting after mishits.

What’s more? Like the other aluminum bats, this product requires no breaking in after purchase. The players can use it as soon as they get it out of the box.

marucci cat 8 connect review

One-Piece Barrel 

The barrel construction has always been an interesting argumentative topic in the baseball community. The one-piece or two-piece construction would be better?

Well, nothing is better as each has its advantages. The one-piece barrel helps to retain the player’s power on the swing, whereas the two-piece construction averages out the power and speed.

The CAT 8 BBCOR bat line comes with one-piece alloy, providing a smooth and powerful swing. As it is quite light compared to the other one-piece alloy bats, you still get those clean and fast swings despite its construction.

Expanded Sweet Spot

What else makes this product an awesome baseball bat?

It is its expanded sweet spot. We all know that alloy bats usually have much smaller sweet spots than composite bats, meaning that they require more accuracy to hit right.

Marucci employed a multivariable wall design to make it more forgiving. Although the product’s sweet spot is not as huge as the “standard” composite bat, it is still larger than most alloy bats.

Thus, if you love the feel of an alloy bat yet prefer an extended sweet pot, let’s give Marucci CAT 8 a try!

Good Balance Between Speed And Power

Another bonus point for this baseball bat line is its great balance between speed and power.

It has a lower moment of inertia (or M.O.I), resulting in a lighter feel as you swing and better control.

marucci cat 8 bbcor review

Secret Sauce

As mentioned in part above in our Marucci CAT 8 BBCOR review, the brand partners up the big leaguers to be their advisers when testing and designing a new product.

This partnership results in the ergonomic handle covered with a micro-perforated soft-touch grip for better top-hand control and greater comfort.

Even if you grip the handle tightly, it hardly hurts you, unlike other baseball bats. This brings your hands a more comfortable feel when going for strong hits.

What Is The Difference Between CAT 8 And CAT 7?

First, CAT8 is tougher and more durable than CAT 7 as its alloy is made from Marucci’s newest and strongest aluminum – AZ105. Thus, it will serve you much longer.

Furthermore, the stronger material helps the Marucci team engineer the walls near the taper and the end cape thinner, providing more forgiveness and higher performance.

What’s more? If you go for this product connect, you will witness better performance due to the extended SDX connection.

Users of Marucci CAT8 Connect review that the extended SDX connection helps create a stiffer connection. The players can transfer more energy to the ball, resulting in greater performance.

What Versions Is Marucci CAT 8 Available In?

The Marucci CAT8 bat is available in BBCOR and USSSA versions. These bats bring quite different feels, and you should select the version that suits the league’s requirements.

Along with the bat series of BBCOR vs USSSA, the brand offers players three different models.


This model is available in BBCOR and USSSA Youth Big Barrel versions; it is the most popular bat line among the three thanks to tons of outstanding features, as we have discussed in the above part of this Marucci Cat 8 review.

CAT8 Connect

These two bat models are very similar, yet they still mark some differences.

First of all, CAT8 features a one-piece alloy, whereas the other comes with a two-piece alloy. The brand also added a composite handle to the Connect one for a hybrid design.

Another difference is that Cat 8 Connect is an end-loaded bat while the other one is a balanced bat.

Based on multiple Marucci CAT 8 connect reviews, we suggest you pick this product if you opt for a 2-piece baseball bat with some flex and less sting.

marucci cat 8 composite reviews

CAT8 Composite

CAT8 Composite USSSA features a 2-piece baseball bat with the composite barrel and composite handle connected using the SDX EXT connection piece.

Composite, a more durable and lighter material, enables it to lengthen the barrel and extend the sweet spot as much as possible.

The product has a mid-loaded swing weight, giving you a bit more power than a balanced bat. Yet, it does not require you to sacrifice much swing speed.

Multiple Marucci CAT8 composite reviews say that the mid-balanced barrel brings a comfortable, balanced feel while playing.

My Using Experience 

First of all, it feels great to swing with this product. You can effortlessly direct it to the estimated destination of the baseball. As such, you have a greater contact percentage and also hardly feel any sting after each hit.

Another bonus point is that it provides a comfortable feel when holding, thanks to its amazing handle covered with a soft-touch grip.

The only small downside is its price tag – Its cost might be too hefty for a casual player.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is It A 2018 Or 2019 CAT 8? 

When searching for CAT 8 bat reviews, you might feel a little bit confused about the CAT line of bats, right? Is there any difference between them?

These are just the different ways of calling the same bat line. That is because Marucci has removed the 2-year cycle for this baseball bat line, meaning that it is unnecessary to add a year to its name.

marucci cat 8 bbcor baseball bat

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Marucci CAT 8?

In this part of our CAT 8 bat review, we will help summarize the pros and cons of this baseball bat line:


  • Extended sweet spot
  • Extremely durable due to the AZ105 aluminum alloy construction.
  • Great balance between speed and power
  • Requires no breaking-in
  • Amazing handle for better control of the wings
  • One-piece design for excellent power transfer


  • You might get light pain after mishits despite its advanced technology.

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Marucci CAT8 provides multiple advantages due to its aluminum construction, including its excellent durability and no break-in time. Besides, it offers more forgiveness than regular aluminum alloy bats.

Additionally, it helps to enhance performance thanks to the enlarged sweet spot and the great balance between speed and power.

So, what do you think about this baseball bat line after considering the information in Marucci CAT 8 reviews?

We hope to listen to your thoughts in the comment section below.

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