What Is BBCOR – A Clear Explanation To BBCOR Bat Standard

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While BBCOR bats are common in collegiate or high school leagues, there’s still misinformation about this standard. And “What does bbcor mean?” is a common question. 

Up to 500,000 high school and college students play baseball. When it comes to playing this sport, it’s critical to have a BBCOR-certified bat on hand.

Many batters, however, are unaware of what BBCOR is and how it impacts the effectiveness of a baseball bat.

To assist you, let me first clarify the fundamental question, “What is BBCOR?” Scroll down to learn more!

What is a bbcor bat?

The BBCOR is an acronym for ‘Bat-Ball Coefficient of Restitution.’ It calculates how much power is required when a baseball bat makes contact with the ball. The baseball will exit the bat at a rapid speed if the BBCOR level is greater. The ball may leave the bat at a somewhat reduced pace if this value is low.

what is a bbcor bat
what is a bbcor bat

The National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) jointly introduced it (NCAA).

There are three additional regulations to follow:

  • The diameter of the bat cannot exceed 2 5/8 inches.
  • The weight of the drop can’t be more than -3.
  • The bat’s length must not exceed 36 inches.

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The BBCOR specification replaced the Bat Exit Speed Ratio (BESR) standard. 

In January 2011, the NCAA shifted from the BESR (Bat Exit Speed Ratio) to the BBCOR bat standard. The National Federation of High Schools (NFHS) followed suit on January 1, 2012. By 2011, BBCOR bats were also the only bats commercially available for high school and collegiate baseball.

BESR measured the ball’s speed as it left the bat. Under the BESR standard, bats could hit balls at speeds of up to 115 miles per hour.

At such speeds, the number of home runs and runs scored increased. Pitchers and spectators in the foul area were also questioned about their safety.

The BBCOR regulation, on the other hand, determines how much energy is lost when the ball leaves the bat. This is often referred to as the “trampoline effect.” The quicker the ball comes off the bat, the larger the trampoline impact.

As opposed to the old BESR criteria, the transition had a considerable influence on offenses.

What does BBCOR mean?
What does BBCOR mean?


Regarding performance, USA bats and BBCOR bats are extremely comparable. They are created to have hit velocities comparable to BBCOR ball bats, making it the preferred choice among young athletes planning on moving up to High School, where BBCOR bats are required. 

The two bats should also have the same barrel size, which must be 2 5/8 inches. Nevertheless, unlike BBCOR bats, USA bats do not have drop three weight-to-length ratio limits. Because younger players use USA bats, they can be significantly lighter than BBCOR bats, enabling much simpler swing.

As of January 1, 2018, USA Bat adopted a new regulation, thus making all USA bats manufactured before that date unlawful. In the Little League Major Baseball Division or below, you must therefore utilize USA Bat Standard bats. 

In the Intermediate (50/70) Baseball and Junior League Baseball Divisions, though, you may utilize either USABat Standard or BBCOR bats.

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Why Was This Standard Created?

The requirement for non-wood bats to imitate the efficiency of hardwood ball bats drove the choice.

Due to this new change, the ball comes off the bat slightly slower than during the BESR days – roughly a 5% to 6% slower. This 5-6 percent change more evenly distributes the sport. It reduces the trampoline impact, removing any enormous advantage batters may have had.

Infielders, pitchers, and fans are better as the ball comes off the bat slower, giving them more time to respond to batted balls. Furthermore, due to the lessened trampoline impact, offensive numbers are lower.

Do You Need A BBCOR Bat?

The BBCOR guideline, defined by the NCAA or NFHS, must be followed by every bat utilized in high school and college baseball.

Players starting high school in 1 – 2 years can also utilize these bats (e.g., 11-14 years old). Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken, Little League, PONY, USSSA, or Dixie are among the youth sports leagues that have adopted the standard.

According to USA Baseball, bats must have a USABat stamp to verify that they are young BBCOR certified. These amendments, on the other hand, will not be adopted by the USSSA.

Do You Need A BBCOR Bat?
Do You Need A BBCOR Bat?

Giving young participants early exposure to BBCOR bats helps them become accustomed to striking with bats with less bounce. As a result, your hitting techniques and skill development, as hitting as far as possible, necessitates a little more strength.

The USA-approved bats have been on the market since September, and the new standard went into force on January 1, 2018.

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How Can I Tell If My Bat Is BBCOR Certified?

Ensure the bat you’re looking at is BBCOR approved before you go shopping for the greatest BBCOR baseball bat. If you don’t, you could end up with a bat that isn’t suitable for high school or collegiate leagues.

The BBCOR authorized logo should be visible on the baseball bat you purchase.

What Is A BBCOR Bat Made Out Of?

what is bbcor made of? A BBCOR bat can be made out of a wide variety of materials. Composite or aluminum are the two most widely used materials.

People often use graphite and glass fiber in the construction of BBCOR composite bats. Composite-based ones outperform metals ones in many aspects. These include bending stiffness tuning, adjusting the trampoline impact, regulated swing weight, substantially muted bending vibrations, or loss of “ping” sound.

Nevertheless, some people still prefer aluminum or aluminum alloy bats to composite BBCOR bats since they are less expensive.

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If you wish to play baseball in high school or college, you will need to know the answer to the query “What Is BBCOR?

Don’t forget to spend some time looking for the BBCOR Certified Mark on a bat before buying it. It is not BBCOR recognized if the logo is not visible.

We hope you have thoroughly understood what BBCOR stands for and numerous bats on the market now can’t mislead you anymore.

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